December 22, 2019

Our Hy Project is shaping the future of EV sounds with a different approach.

Toyota Uruguay is taking a different approach to EV sounds: The company is thinking about noise pollution and how sounds affect nature. Check out this Mashable article about our latest project which is changing the world forever.
"We should be taking care of what kinds of sounds we're adding to the world" said Juan Ciapessoni.

Check it out here.

December 20, 2019

Fast Company considers "The Hy Project" as an Idea that Changes the World.

We are very happy and excited that Fast Company, one of the most important magazines in the world, considers a "The Hy Project" as an Idea that Changes the World. Thanks to all who support us and spread it so that together with Ayax SA we are inventing a product that impacts in a relevant way.

Check it out here.

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