January 12, 2015


This nice project was developed by us in partnership with our friends from MADRE Argentina for our client BECKER (beer brand) in Chile. 

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January 6, 2015


We are very pleased to officially announce the partnership with Synergy Cowork and MakerLab to develop SYNERGIA TECH, a unique platform of its kind, dedicated to the manufacture of technological devices. We share below the press release with project information:

Uruguayan companies The Electric Factory, Synergy MakerLab Cowork inaugurated in March 2015 creating a platform for companies engaged in the manufacture of technological devices that will feature unique characteristics in Uruguay and the region. In the new space, customers will access comprehensive services that will allow them to develop innovative and sustainable solutions, tailored to the global needs of this decade.

The platform, called Synergia Tech, seeks to "promote and accelerate the creation of companies with business models that use highly standardized and optimized processes, industry-based digital manufacturing and robotics, and then scale them to a leading position in world markets "said Avedis Boudakian, director of The Electric Factory.

"Almost any area of ​​human knowledge will find a place within Synergy Tech from electronic engineering, mechatronics, mechanical, electrical, industrial, to administration, economics, medicine, design and architecture, in order to manufacture goods with high technological content both in its manufacturing process and content" confirmed the executive.

He stressed that through the platform and technology institutions and organisations "world’s best“ will be connected, which will enable entrepreneurs, innovators and local academics to interact with the vanguard of the new industrial revolution.

In this sense, Maximiliano Perez, co-founder of MakerLab, Synergia Cowork and future CEO of Synergia Tech, predicted that the venture will contribute to strengthen the development of Uruguay, economic, social and cultural standings, to stand as an integrating agent at the local level of digital manufacture of technologies that characterise the first world countries.

Perez also noted that Synergy Tech will have an area of ​​1,000 square meters, where users will have 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC routers. "This is a display of equipment that will not be found in any other similar space in the region," he said.

"After a year of operation, we estimate that about 200 people will work in Sinergia in developing Tech startups and projects related to technology," commented Boudakian.

Synergy Tech is also driven by entrepreneurs Juan Ciapessoni, The Electric Factory, and Max Patissier, of MakerLab.





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