March 25, 2015


Good ideas come from the major challenges.
We had to explain why, for Axe, "Less is More". Analyzing the target audience we detected that one of their main interests is music, and that Catupecu Machu is one of the most relevant bands to them. We didn’t let the opportunity go to work with them, taking advantage of the fact that they were playing in “La Trastienda” to celebrate their 20 years. 

There came another challenge: identifying Catupecu fans within the universe of the brand’s follower. There was no doubt that the best way to reach out to them was through social networks. We posted contents related to the band in order for them interact with, through their participation, we were able to select the protagonists of the story.

We invited them to the concert without telling them anything, and they were thinking it was going to be like every other concert: friends, fun and lots of rock and roll but with less, we ended up giving them much more: during the best concert moment we sent them a text message , challenging them to stay after the show ended with the promise that something bigger would happen.

The ones who stayed and demonstrated having an Axe attitude, received the biggest surprise that a fan can dream of.

March 5, 2015


We present you our latest work for Tag Heuer Global for the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. By measuring brainwave signals and monitoring the attention levels of the user, we created a custom racing track and allowed the Geneva Auto Show attendees to put their brain to the test.

#belectric #tagheuer #dontcrackunderpressure #GIMS

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