March 30, 2020

Our HY Project in SpringWise as Innovation that Matters.

The HY Project aims to make electric vehicles safer for pedestrians while also aiding the environment

Engineers at The Electric Factory and Toyota Uruguay founded a project aiming to make electric vehicles safer for pedestrians while aiding the environment at the same time. The HY Project involves a device that attaches to an electric vehicle and emits a specific sound frequency, which stimulates plant growth and can be heard by nearby pedestrians


March 30, 2020

Our Hackathon delivered an app to help fight the Covid 19.

We believe #creativity is futures-proof. That's why we work to develop and nurture it.

We believe the "Electric People" is the heart of our society's industries and engine of change. Thus, all our activities are aimed at enhancing the characteristics that make up this profile.

They are "life-hackers", wanting to bring about a change in the world and encouraged to try. And to this, we inspire them in our programs.

With great pride, we tell you that after a 48-hour #hackathon, a group of students from The Electric Academy led by two teachers of our team, created an #app to help fight the #coronavirus.

You can learn more at https://bit.ly/33N2jx4

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