August 15, 2018

BUNKER DB launches real-time analytical platform in points of sale

In partnership with AdMobilize, BUNKER db launches the possibility to
measure analytics at points of sale. Through a powerful AI software
created by the American company, and a potent data processing system
developed at Bunker, now advertisers can understand how their ONLINE
actions convert in the OFFLINE world.
Imagine that you handle a fast-food chain and you launch a promo offer for
a limited time in one of the stores. Now with Bunker you can not only see
the promo´s digital performance, but you will be able to assess how many
people actually reached the store after the promo was launched, and if the
audience that reaches the store corresponds to the demographics you sought
to impact through your ad. Measuring your online platform performance and
its impact in the offline world was never so easy. Welcome to the
conversion of data into knowledge. 

August 13, 2018

Our offices in Puerto Rico: Growth and consolidation

Our Country Manager in Puerto Rico, Rossy Masses, was interviewed by the
main newspaper, EL NUEVO DÍA, and talked about how the company has
achieved great growth in the local market.

August 9, 2018

"The day THE ELECTRIC FACTORY can be defined in one sentence means we no longer exist"

Juan Ciapessoni was invited as part of the Panel organized by AJE in order
to address habits to create an innovative culture within companies. In one
of his interventions, our CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER and CO-FOUNDER mentioned
that: “One is not born to be good in one thing alone. I want to eradicate
that concept. A person can be good for several things, as can a company
(...). We are a bit unpredictable and I love that about us";
read more here: https://www.elobservador.com.uy/habitos-crear-una-cultura-

July 10, 2018

BUNKER DB strives to conquer LATINAMERICA

BUNKER db´s CCO Pablo Simon, and Elena Spagnuolo, BUNKER db´s CBO, were
interviewed by EL PAIS and referred to how BUNKER is changing the way
advertisers measure their campaigns´ performance, "We eliminated the hunch
in the decision making process by turning data into knowledge" , stated
Read the whole article at: https://www.elpais.com.uy/el-

June 21, 2018


Andrés Guarino was interviewed by the business magazine IEEM. In his interview ANDRÉS emphasized the importance of innovating, boldly remarking that: WHEN THE BUSINESS MODEL CONDITIONS THE CAPABILITY TO INNOVATE YOU BECOME A SLAVE OF YOUR STRUCTURE.

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