December 28, 2020

Coca-Cola - The Impossible Photo

In the strangest of all years, everything seemed to indicate that we would have to give up one of Christmas classics: taking a photo with Santa. However, Coca-Cola was determined to solve this issue and challenged us to come up with a solution. 

We developed The Impossible Photo, an interactive experience that enabled users to recreate this magical moment and share with others. 

We created Coca-Cola's Santa Claus entirely in CGI and modeled a variety of characters so that each user could choose who best represented them in the picture. We also created a series of iconic Christmas scenes to bring the magic even further. 

In addition, we also created an Augmented Reality experience, so that the photo with Santa could also be recreated in our home or wherever we wanted.

In this very special year, the photo that seemed impossible was made possible by Coca Cola

Visit https://navidad-cocacola.com/

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