May 29, 2019

We Won Best Product Design

We are very happy that we won in these specific categories in a very special city for us, New York!! hashtag

May 12, 2019

We created and launched the ABSOLUT Vodka new campaign

After working for several months between London and New York, we created and launched together with BBH Global the Absolut Vodka campaign for the General Market of the USA.

To help bring the hashtagAbsolutPlanet vision to life, Absolut launched a digital hub that features live data and analysis of what the Earth is ‘saying,’ including dynamic facts about the environment (like waste pollution and recycling) and conversations from our communities (such as equality, acceptance and fighting for LGBTQ rights).

After Absolut listens to the Earth, the brand learns, takes action and celebrates the actions to inspire more impact. To kick-off Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka, Absolut focused on Los Angeles and New York City to listen and learn about the waste issues impacting our country’s coasts, before focusing action around two important areas – waste pollution in L.A. and recycling in N.Y.C.

May 1, 2019

F8 - Facebook annual developer conference

Once again we were invited to F8, Facebook's annual developers conference. Over the last couple of days we got the chance to gather with friends, clients and partners, as well as learn all about Facebook's new projects and their impact on social interactions. Facebook has long ceased to be a social network to become the world's largest communications and entertainment platform. We are really excited for everything that is coming!

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