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Netflix - Finishing Together with Sex Education

For the final season of Sex Education, Netflix wanted the offline and online experience to come together in a celebration of pleasure. And so the idea of 'coming together' was born…

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In these divided times, there is still one thing that unites us all, one hope for the future: The Orgasm.

The Challenge

How do you make on-demand viewing a communal experience?

Netflix has taken the world by storm by giving viewers the power to decide when and where to watch their favorite content. But when everyone is on their own viewing schedule, how can you concentrate that individual enthusiasm into a major cultural, and PR-able, moment?

The Project

As Sex Education reached its climax, so did its fans

We wanted to give fans a space where they could come together for a very special climax. So, we created an immersive experience  in the heart of Mexico City centered around an installation that would take Netflix’s real-time viewing data and translate it into vibrant on-screen  ‘orgasms.’ 

First, we recorded an immense audio library of noises that people associate with sex. Then, when prompted by the Netflix platform, a bespoke computer program allowed our billboard to pull these audio clips at random, analyze them using spectral analysis and create thousands of colorful 3D sound waves: the world’s first data-driven orgasms.

And as the viewing figures skyrocketed, thousands of these orgasms were layered together, building steadily into a sexual chorus that finally climaxed in a perfectly synchronized audio and visual explosion!

The Result

People really like having orgasms (OK, maybe you partly knew this)

Our unique installation gave Sex Education fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn views into orgasms, and boy did people take advantage of it! In fact, as more and more orgasms were transmitted to our installation, the total number of accumulated viewing hours for Sex Education whilst the installation was running catapulted it to first place in Netflix’s ranking of the most viewed shows in Mexico.

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